Off-Line Moisture Meter


With over 40 years of experience, MoistTech has developed a line of moisture sensors that provide accurate, immediate results to allow you better control of your manufacturing process. Our online sensors can be used as off-line moisture meters. We provide a base and a stand to use with them to make it an easy transition for lab use, field work or spot testing. They are an excellent way to validate customer complaints or do off-line quality control.

We Have Experience in a Wide Range of Off-line Applications

Trust in our Accuracy

Because our meters are simple to use, operator error is avoided. The results are always accurate regardless of ambient lighting, temperature, or humidity. Gaps in the production line, changes in color, or variations in the size and height of particles do not affect the readings. The unit is calibrated at the factory and requires no re-calibration or maintenance.

Enjoy the Benefits of Immediate Results

Our off-line moisture meters provide accurate, immediate, non-destructive answers to your moisture control concerns. Immediate results mean you can test more samples and get a better representation Reduced waiting time for results means faster corrections for any out of spec product No waiting on an operator for results depending on weighing or drying Downtime on the line due to out of spec products is reduced.

Contact Us for More Information about an Off-line Moisture Sensor for Your Application

No matter where you need an off-line moisture sensor, MoistTech’s product line is up for the challenge—product line, laboratory, or fieldwork. Find out for yourself why we are the industry leader in NIR moisture sensors. Contact us today for more information or request a quote to see how cost-effective we can be.