Whole Leaf Tobacco Moisture


Whole leaf tobacco, like all varieties of tobacco, requires careful treatment and packaging. Used mostly for cigars or to sell in bulk to those who want to roll their own cigarettes, whole leaf tobacco must maintain proper moisture levels to achieve that high quality and ideal flavor.

MoistTech whole leaf tobacco moisture transmitters measure the moisture levels in tobacco to within tenths of a percent, to ensure tobacco maintains precise moisture levels at every stage in the production process. This is necessary especially since tobacco leaves tend to absorb moisture which would affect the quality of the tobacco. In turn this would also have an effect upon the taste and flavor of the cigarettes.

Our instruments also measure:

  • Sugars
  • Nicotine
  • Flavors
  • Temperatures

MoistTech sensors are expertly engineered to drastically improve product quality and optimize the production process, including instant non-contact measuring capabilities.

RF and NIR Technologies

MoistTech has incorporated radio frequency and near infrared technologies into the whole leaf tobacco moisture sensors. This would enable the sensors to give users an accurate estimate of the moisture content in each tobacco leaf, and this would then allow them to take the necessary measures required to reduce the moisture content. The temperature can be kept at a check too so that one knows that the temperature is right for the production process. The right temperature levels and moisture or humidity levels are crucial. If these are not handled well, one faces the risk of providing users with an end product of very poor quality. Also, the nicotine content would be affected. A company producing cigarettes or any other product consisting of tobacco must ensure that the nicotine levels are maintained.

The MoistTech whole leaf tobacco moisture sensors do not require you to make contact with the tobacco leaf to get an accurate estimate. The RF and NIR technologies combined with the product’s transmitters make this just the right tool you need to produce an end product of amazing quality.

Cigarette Quality

The maintenance of taste is essential. Whole leaf tobacco moisture tends to affect the taste of the cigarettes. In addition to this you may presume that you have put in the right amount of nicotine in the cigarette, as per the weighing scale. Once the moisture evaporates the real weight would be discovered making it undesirable. The MoistTech whole leaf tobacco moisture sensor helps manufacturers combat these problems so that their cigarette products are of the highest possible quality.

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