Tobacco Blend Moisture


For most tobacco products, it’s all about the right blend.

Tobacco manufactures love to brag about how their blend is “the best.” They combine properly processed lamina and stems to create an ideal blend with that perfect flavor.

While processing tobacco leafs, each type requires specific levels of moisture at certain intervals to get a desirable end product.

MoistTech tobacco blend moisture sensors are the ideal instruments for measuring and regulating moisture levels in your tobacco. They have the ability to measure moisture to within tenths of a percent.

If you truly want to create the best blend possible for your tobacco product, you need the right tools for the job.

Our instruments are designed to measure moisture and other levels of any variety of tobacco, including lamina and stems. With our instant non-contact measuring capabilities, MoistTech’s sensors are engineered to improve product quality and optimize the production process.

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