Lamina Strips Moisture

Both the quality and quantity of a finished tobacco product are entirely dependent on lamina strips moisture. Lamina strips must be dry but not so dry that they are flavorless. They must be dry but not so dry that their lack of weight adversely affects the finished product weight. They must be consistently dry so that their quality and quantity meet a processor’s economic expectations. Is it possible to control lamina strips moisture during processing?

Control Lamina Strips Moisture

The best way to control moisture during the processing of lamina strips is by testing 100% of the product on the line. To do so requires a non-contact instrument capable of taking and reporting thousands of accurate measurements per second in real-time. Known throughout the industry for its accuracy and durability, MoistTech’s IR-3000 near infrared (NIR) online moisture transmitter with the Model 828 tobacco moisture gauge meets these rigorous requirements. By installing the Model 828 on your processing line, lamina strips moisture can be controlled throughout the process, ensuring consistency, improving quality, and guaranteeing the highest price for the final product. Contact us with any questions about the Model 828’s capabilities for measuring lamina strips moisture.

Install MoistTech’s Model 828

The sensors in MoistTech’s Model 828 tobacco moisture gauge can be installed:

  • On conditioning cylinders before or after drying
  • At cutters
  • In toasters
  • Along belt, screw, and drag conveyors
  • In down chutes
  • In storage bins

Installing the Model 828 gauge’s sensors within the lamina line ensures that lamina strips moisture is accurately measured and controlled throughout the process. Contact us for more information about where the Model 828’s sensors can be installed for real-time moisture measurements.

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One of our MoistTech professionals would be pleased to demonstrate how the Model 828 tobacco moisture gauge could improve your lamina strips product quality. Alternatively, if you’re ready to implement MoistTech tobacco moisture-sensing instrumentation into your process, request a quote.