Extruded Snack Moisture


Using the extrusion process to manufacture snack foods allows for multiple varieties of snacks to be created on one machine – simply by changing the mixing, heating, and shearing conditions. With today’s demand to meet consumers’ high expectations, snack foods must be appealing in both taste and appearance. Extruded snacks meet that demand.

The extrusion method makes for quicker bake times, which is why it is often called a high temperature short time (HTST) process. This, combined with the necessity to produce multiple varieties of snack foods, makes the proper regulation of temperature and moisture levels absolutely imperative—if you want to achieve the desired shapes, textures, colors, and flavors.

MoistTech Capabilities

We’ve taken our 40 years of knowledge and experience and combined them with what we’ve learned from our industry partners to develop one of our most accurate moisture sensors: the MoistTech IR-3000. When it comes to extruded snack moisture transmitters, our moisture testing instruments offer the best quality at an affordable cost.

The IR-3000 isn’t just for moisture testing: it takes instant, accurate, non-contact measurements of temperature, oil / fat, sugar, seasonings, protein, and more. Moisture levels can be adjusted either manually or automatically.

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Benefits of Extruded Snack Moisture Transmitters

The IR-3000 allows you to accurately measure and regulate moisture and other important levels in extruded snacks. No matter how many different snack varieties you want to produce, the IR-3000 makes it easy to keep track of all of them, guaranteeing that all end products are top quality. The IR-3000 eliminates waste due to incorrect moisture content, lowers energy cost, and reduces start-up time and downtime—saving you money throughout the entire production process.

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