Sensors Moisture Transmitter


Transmit data from the non-contact NIR sensors on your production line to the controlling computer with MoistTech’s sensors moisture transmitter. Fast, accurate readings provide a reliable source of information to keep your quality consistent, even in a harsh environment.

Get Accurate Results in Moisture Measurement

Our NIR sensors are pre-calibrated at the factory and require no maintenance to give you the most accurate results known in the industry. They are impervious to variations in materials like particle size, material height, or color. These non-contact readings are continuous and reliable. At MoistTech, we offer a non-drift optical design that gives high quality, accurate readings that gives you the information you need to control your assembly line.

Control the Manufacturing Line with Real-Time Readings

At MoistTech, we can measure moisture, temperature, or coating thickness in a constant, reliable manner regardless of small gaps in the product line. These instant measurements can be used in several ways:

  • These measurements can be sent to your computer via RS232 or Ethernet connections instantly. Feed these numbers into your program to determine out of spec readings and the adjustments that need made on the line to keep moisture under control
  • Send the readings to one or more workstations to be processed
  • Use our color touch screen station (HMI) for on the floor control
  • Compatible with Profibus, Profinet, DeviceNet, and Ethernet IP addresses Quartz, KEL-F & Sapphire viewing windows

Whether you use your software or ours, automatic real-time adjustments save valuable time and money by keeping the line moving, avoiding downtime, operator error, and large amounts of scrap created before the problem is noticed.

Request More Information about a Sensors Moisture Transmitter

Contact us today and talk with one of our engineers about your application. With over 40 years of experience, we can help you enjoy a reliable automated system of moisture measurement.