Online Moisture Meter


Enjoy the benefits of an online moisture meter from the world’s NIR moisture sensor leader. At MoistTech, we understand the savings that comes from accurate, controlled moisture in the manufacturing process. Our online moisture meter product line is rugged, accurate, and insensitive to material variations. We can measure and control moisture content in almost any material. Our meters send out digital or analog signals to allow for software control of your manufacturing process. We can communicate from the sensor to your laptop, PC, or network through RS232 or Ethernet TCP/IP protocols.

Built for a Rugged Manufacturing Environment

They can handle extremes in temperature. The sealed case keeps dirt out. They are easily mounted above the line, before and after dryers, after the blender and the forming station or in any other place you need moisture control. Humidity or ambient light will not affect the readings.

Accurate, Repeatable Measurements

At MoistTech, we have taken advantage of our more than 40 years of industry experience to develop the most accurate and repeatable measurements available for your manufacturing environment. They are calibrated at the factory and need no additional maintenance or re-calibration. Our drift-free optical design provides confidence to the operators so they can make immediate adjustments based on real-time readings.

Insensitive to Material Variations

The non-contact sensor is not affected by particle size, height, or color. Readings will continue to be accurate even with small gaps on the production line. Our software is written to factor them out along with foreign objects and conveyor belts.

Created for More than Moisture Control

Online, real-time measurements of other ingredients are also key for process and quality optimization. Our meter can measure not only moisture, but also:

  • coating thickness
  • fat or oil content
  • protein
  • sugars
  • nicotine levels
  • and more

Talk with our engineers about the substance you need to measure.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

For years, MoistTech has served a vast number of industries:

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