Near Infrared Moisture Analyzer


MoistTech offers a near infrared (NIR) moisture analyzer to measure and control moisture on your production line. Our 40 years’ experience improves your bottom line with:

  • Less downtime
  • Better quality product
  • Less scrap
  • Quicker adjustments to the moisture level
  • Energy-savings

Applications for the NIR Moisture Analyzer

The near infrared (NIR) moisture meter is built on the principle that water absorbs certain wave-lengths of light. The amount of wavelength absorption indicates that amount of moisture. By applying the NIR to various products in different stages of manufacture, moisture content can be measured and controlled. Industries affected include:

Advantages of the NIR Moisture Analyzer

Knowing the moisture information in real time gives opportunities no one has seen before. Moisture variation can be from a variety of causes and can cause some costly amounts of scrap. With immediate information, adjustments can be made to control the moisture and correct problems. This can often be fully automated with the analyzer pre-programmed with acceptable levels and corrections that are best practices.

Features of the NIR Analyzer

Our product line offers features to meet thousands of needs for moisture readings. These include:

  • The most accurate in the industry—repeatable measurements
  • Unaffected by temperature or humidity
  • Built for a rugged factory environment
  • No calibration or maintenance needed
  • Pre-set at the factory
  • Non-drift technology
  • Accepts small gaps in product without alarms
  • Understands variations in product size, depth, and coloring
  • Non-contact measurements allow flexibility in placement

Talk with Our Engineers about a Near Infrared Moisture Analyzer

Contact our experienced staff of engineers to ask your questions about moisture measurement. They can guide you to the product that is right for your application, and show you the cost-savings that come from constant monitoring of moisture in your facility. Contact us today.