Sulphur Moisture

Sulphur moisture is a leading indicator of sulphur quality because the moisture in bulk sulphur contributes to the formation of a dilute acid (sulphuric or sulphurous). The presence of even this very dilute acid will corrode the carbon steel of storage tanks and piping or the concrete in other construction. The highest quality bulk sulphur has moisture levels below 0.5%–higher than that necessitates pre-treatment for many industrial applications. The effective measurement and subsequent management of the moisture content of sulphur is imperative for the production of the highest quality bulk sulphur.

MoistTech’s Solution

MoistTech is recognized worldwide for its exceptionally accurate near infrared (NIR) sensors and software for moisture testing, measurement, and control. With years of field data and collaboration with the sulphur production industry, MoistTech developed the IR-3000 online moisture detector and software for the most accurate and reliable moisture measurement. The IR-3000 can be configured and calibrated for not only moisture measurement, but for numerous components (e.g., coating thickness, resin content, oil, protein, fat, nicotine, sugar, seasonings, and plastic film thickness) in virtually any application.


MoistTech’s IR-3000 should be installed at belt conveyors, along screw and drag conveyors, in down chutes, in storage bins, or in fluid-bed dryers. Install the instrument with or without the optional base and stand to provide, instantaneously, thousands of measurements per second under on-line operating conditions. The IR-3000 includes self-powered, isolated 3 x analog outputs at 4-20mA. A laptop, touch-screen tablet, Ethernet, or plant network can be used to communicate with the sensor head(s). The IR-3000 is delivered pre-calibrated, making installation extremely easy. 


The IR-3000 performs in the harshest industrial environment. Dust, foreign objects, inert materials, ambient and product temperature, and other environmental factors do not affect the reliability and accuracy of this instrument. It can be installed and relied upon for continued performance in nearly any industrial environment. The IR-3000’s unsurpassed quality is backed by MoistTech’s world-class technical support.

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