Ceramics Moisture

Ceramics MoistureCeramic products have many advantages over products constructed from other materials. Ceramic properties include wear resistance, high strength, long life, heat resistance, porosity, and non-toxicity. However—none of these qualities can be achieved without the proper manufacturing process and the constant supervision and regulation of moisture content.

Whether you are producing raw material or processing that raw material into ceramic products, moisture is key to achieving the best quality end product.

Without accurate moisture testing instruments, quality is depleted and waste occurs. But choosing the right ceramics moisture tester is difficult—especially with so many available on the market.

MoistTech’s Solution

When searching for the right ceramic moisture analyzer you need to first find a company you can trust. For over 40 years, MoistTech has studied moisture and its relevancy to numerous manufacturing processes, including ceramics. With help from our industry partners, we’ve combined all our experience and knowledge into the ultimate moisture sensor: the IR-3000.

The IR-3000 takes instant, non-contact, highly accurate measurements of moisture levels in % dry and % wet—allowing you to adjust moisture content either automatically or manually. It’s also capable of measuring other vital levels, such as temperature, with precision.

Benefits of Ceramics Moisture Testing

When it comes to performance, the IR-3000 can’t be beat. Energy efficient and low maintenance, the IR-3000 reduces start-up and downtime while ensuring you achieve the best quality end product—meaning you’ll cut production costs and eliminate waste due to incorrect moisture levels.

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