Cheese Moisture


For every type of cheese, the required moisture level needed varies. Having the correct moisture levels in cheese also guarantees the longest shelf life. Achieving the best end result requires constant supervision and regulation of moisture and temperatures during the entire cheese making process – something that requires sensitive instruments.

MoistTech Capabilities

We at MoistTech have combined our 40 years of experience and knowledge into one accurate, reliable moisture testing instrument: the IR-3000. The IR-3000 is capable of not only measuring cheese moisture, but takes instant non-contact measurements of temperature, fat / oil.

When it comes to moisture testing, the IR-3000 offers top quality cheese moisture analysis, and at an affordable price.

Benefits of Cheese Moisture Testing

We understand your desire to cut down on costs without compromising quality. The IR-3000 gives you that option: it is energy efficient, reduces start-up and down times, and eliminates waste due to incorrect moisture levels. By accurately measuring the moisture content, your end product will be of higher quality, as well as have the right texture, taste, and appearance—no matter what variety of cheese you’re making.

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