Dryer Moisture Control

Protect your profits by controlling the moisture in your dryer processes. Correct drying is an exercise in moisture control. Too wet and the assembly of the product will not work correctly as glues do not adhere, nails and screws do not bite correctly, and final pieces shrink. Too dry and the glues will continue to be problematic along with problems with machining and swelling.

Monitor with MoistTech’s IR-3000 Moisture Sensor

The IR-3000 near infrared (NIR) online moisture detector and software system was designed to measure the moisture in the most extreme environments. You can avoid over drying because the sensor provides non-contact measurement, allowing moisture to be controlled in real time. By using the IR-3000 to optimize process control, you can expect improved product quality, increased productivity, and decreased production costs.

MoistTech’s Sensor Technical Information:

  • Non-contact, instant measurement
  • Advanced digital filtering for noise-free signal
  • Low energy use
  • Networking and wireless capability
  • Surface mount technology
  • It is unaffected by gaps in production flow
  • Simple calibration procedure
  • Built to endure the toughest industrial environments
  • Digital diagnostics monitor all critical components
  • No routine recalibration or maintenance needed
  • 50 products codes

Use MoistTech IR-3000 in Any Drying Process

  • Air drying
  • Shed air drying
  • Forced-air shed drying
  • Warehouse pre-drying
  • Low-temperature kiln drying
  • Conventional electric de-humidification kiln drying
  • Conventional steam-heated kiln drying

Contact MoistTech for Dryer Moisture Control

The professionals at MoistTech look forward to discussing your needs for moisture measurement and control in your drying processes. We would be pleased to demonstrate how the IR-3000 NIR online moisture transmitter can improve product quality and reduce production costs. Contact us today!