Plastic Film Thickness Moisture


When producing plastic film—whether for camera film or packaging—consistency is critical to the quality of your end product. Maintaining the ideal thickness for your plastic films is the difference between a quality, product to provide your customers and waste.

MoistTech specializes in moisture testing—but that isn’t all our instruments do. The MoistTech IR-3000 is a moisture sensor capable of taking accurate readings of product thickness, as well as temperature, chemical based coatings, and chemical composition.

Why the IR-3000?

There are many instruments on the market that test thickness alone. Yet, to achieve the highest quality plastic films, much more is required. The IR-3000 was developed through our years of experience and research and helpful feedback from our industry partners. Meaning, it has the latest, most relevant technology and highest performance capabilities.  Why buy an instrument with only one function when you can get one that does it all?

The IR-3000 is ideal for use as a film thickness moisture analyzer. It takes instant, non-contact readings wherever you need them on the production line. Designed for efficiency, the IR-3000 reduces start-up and down times, boosting plastic film quality and dramatically decreasing waste.

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