Hot Melt Moisture


Regulating moisture during the production of hot melts is critical for achieving the highest end quality product. Without the right moisture detection instruments, the quality of your hot melts become inferior and waste occurs.

MoistTech’s Solution

MoistTech has been studying moisture and its application in a wide range of manufacturing processes for over forty years. Since the beginning, our goal has been to develop the latest in moisture testing technology, while making sure our instruments possess the capabilities you need. Our industry partners are constantly telling us what they need from their sensors; and it’s their feedback—along with our decades of research and experience—that has gone into the MoistTech IR-3000, a moisture sensor ideally suited to test hot melts.

The IR-3000 takes instant, non-contact readings of moisture (in % dry and % wet), allowing you to adjust moisture levels in your product either automatically or manually.  Other levels such as chemical composition, water based coatings, and temperature are also tested with accuracy.

Benefits of Hot Melt Moisture Detection

When you use the IR-3000, the quality of your hot melts increases while production costs decrease. Both start-up and down times are reduced and product waste due to incorrect moisture levels is eliminated.

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