Straw Moisture Sensors


Too much (or too little) moisture can not only ruin straw, it can present serious hazard to any production facility. Whether using it as it to feed livestock or as a bio energy source, moisture control in the production and storing of staw is extremely. Produciton facilities need to ensure that they control the exact amount of moisture both in the straw and in the environment around the straw. Controlling the moisture content accordingly allows for longer / safer storage and for the delivery of a higher quality product.

This is where MoistTech On-Line Continuous NIR (Near Infrared) Moisture Sensors can serve a role as your facilities straw moisture sensors.

MoistTech has been producing moisture control products for over 40 years. We’ve used our years of experience and technologicial leadership to develop the MoistTech IR-3000, a non-contact instrument that accurately measures and regulates moisture in various applications, including renewal energy and animal food products. With thousands of measurements per second, MoistTech’s IR-3000 online moisture detector allows users to optimize their on-line process and dramatically improve product quality, providing both energy savings and increased productivity.

Apart delivering an accurate measure of moisture content, MoistTech’s highly accurate and precise moisture sensors also gauge the presence of other constituents in the straw.

In the case of moisture levels being too high or too low one could take action prior to selling it to buyers or feeding it to animals. MoistTech’s moisture sensors enable the user to accurately gauge the amount of moisture in the straw before it can be used.

MoistTech helps production facilities identify the amount of moisture in the industries ranging from renewable energy, to textiles to food and pharmeceuticals.  As the recognized worldwide leader in moisture control technology, we’re helpling production facilities everywhere eliminate producte waste, reduce costs, and increase quality.

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