Solar Panel Moisture Sensors

The production of solar panels requires precision and end-to-end quality control.  Moisture introduced in the production process can limit energy yields – resulting in a defective product.

Moisture tends to affect the solar panel production even in the most controlled environments. Solar panels are very thin (between 0.19mm and 0.26mm thick), coated and the metal contacts are added to base silicon wafers to make the panels.

These features make the production of solar panels extremely sensitive and so measures would have to be taken every now and then to minimize moisture. An effective way to control moisture in the production process is to use MoistTech On-Line Continuous NIR (Near Infrared) Moisture Sensors.

MoistTech is recongnized as the world’s leader in moisture measurement for online process & laboratory moisture instruments. With over 40 years of moisture technology experience, MoistTech helps manufactures improve the quality and efficiency of their production processes. Near infrared (NIR) and radio frequency (RF) technologies make the sensors ideal to this end. These technologies, in combination with the transmitters of the sensors, make the moisture sensors the perfect device for moisture controls.

Our solar panel moisture sensors would help one get an accurate estimate of the amount of moisture on solar panels. Moisture can create a real problem with the solar panel. Moisture has been linked to affecting the effectiveness of the solar panel. As a result of this, the panels are unable to generate the amount of electricity they are meant to. This is where the solar panel moisture sensors play an important role- they would give you an accurate reading as to the moisture content. The solar panel moisture sensors can then be minimized to increase their effectiveness and electricity generation as well.

These moisture sensors can also be used to help companies measure and then control factors such as coating thickness, resin content, oil, protein, fat, nicotine, sugar, seasonings, plastic film thickness and so any company that is involved in the production of products such as food production or other production field may find the solar panel moisture sensor to be very useful.

Learn how MoistTech can help improve increase efficiency and reduce costs in the production of solar panels today!