Spent Brewers Grain Moisture

Spent brewers grain, also known as spent grain, is animal feed that is created from residual grains remaining after beer production. Because this material is leftover, it is often cost effective as a feed alternative. Therefore this material is left over, it is often cost effective as a feed alternative and waste is reduced this way too. Spent brewers grain is prone to moisture, because of which measures must be taken either to minimize the moisture content or get rid of it completely.

Since brewers’ grain is sold as stock for animals to other countries and companies, there is a need to maintain a certain level of moisture beyond which the grain may not be sold to some companies since it won’t be edible for animals.

Moisture must be removed during the creation process and moisture must also be tested throughout in the pressing procedure. If the materials stay too wet throughout the storage and transportation process, the material is considered unusable.

Interesting Fact:

Brewers spent grain can also be used for more than animal feed – it can double as fertilizer and as whole grains in bread.

How Can One Know About The Moisture Content In The Grain?

The spent brewers’ grain moisture content can be measured by the use of MoistTech’s moisture sensors. The NIR (near infrared) and RF (radio frequency) technologies have been incorporated into the MoistTech’s moisture sensors. This allows the moisture content in food products and other such products to be measured. Spent brewers grain moisture content can be quite high and this could affect an animal’s health adversely. This is why it is essential to know of the moisture content in the food that you give it first. Grain moisture is very common and can be a problem in the fall and especially in summers, and the moisture sensor would help one get an estimate of the moisture content. After this one can take appropriate measures to reduce the moisture content in the grain.

How Accurate Are Our Moisture Sensor Products?

Moisttech’s On-Line Continuous Sensors are very accurate. Near infrared and radio frequency (NIR) technologies help manufacturers precisely gauge the moisture content in spent brewers grain moisture. Further, our moisture sensors can be used to control and measure the protein and fats in the spent brewers’ grain moisture so that you know that the food you are providing animals with is clean and healthy food.

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