Hard Pet Food Moisture

Hard pet foods, including top-selling products like dry dog food, contains animal, plant proteins, fat, fiber sources, grains and more.

Maintaining the proper moisture level throughout the production process minimizes waste and maximizes product quality. A product that is too moist can result in unwanted bacteria growth; a product that’s too dry creates a loss of nutrients. This could also have an adverse effect upon the health of your pet. Your pet may not eat due to the hard pet food/ dry pet food having moisture. The moisture makes the food soggy, can cause the food to mold, and can cause the food to sour or become spoiled.

These scenarios result in a sub-par product, and potential losses for the manufacturer. So you need to ensure moisture in process of hard pet food production is kept to a minimal level or it could eventually even lead to death. The drier the food, the better it is for your pet.

What Is Done To Keep A  Check On The Moisture Content?

With our Online-Continous Moisture Sensors, moisture levels are kept at the proper level throughout production process of your hard pet food product. Moisture sensors help check the moisture content in the food. Everything that is produced would be affected by moisture to an extent but the idea is to ensure that the moisture content is kept towards the lower end.

What Exactly Does The Moisture Control Do?

MoistTech moisture sensors are designed to deliver accurate readings of the exact amount of the moisture in your hard pet food. MoistTech’s sensors consist of sensors that use NIR (near infrared) and RF (radio frequency) technologies. Being reliable and accurate, our moisture sensors enable manufacturers to control moisture levels in the production process. This way the moisture would be removed or kept towards the lower end and the chances of bacteria developing in the foods would be minimized to a great extent.

Apart from keeping a check on the hard pet food moisture, our online sensors check on protein and fat levels contained in the food. This allows for the creation of healthy and high quality food products for your pet, so that your pet gets to eat food with low hard pet food moisture levels and great nutritional value.

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